"Why didn't you tell me about my real father before? It would not've affected my daily life if you told me as a kit, now it is an endless weight on my shoulders..."
-Firetail to Redpelt in Forest Fire Chapter

Appearance Edit

Firetail is a light red she-cat with darker red stripes down her tail. She has amber eyes. Her paw-pads are pitch black.

Summarized History Edit

Firekit was born in early green-leaf to Redpelt in the nursery. All Firekit ever wanted, was to become a warrior. She gagged at the thought of being a medicine cat. When she was 4 moons old she asked Redpelt who her father is. Redpelt finds it hard to respond, but responds that Firekit's father never knew that Firekit exists.

At Firekit's apprentice ceremony, she finds it hard to not thank Firestar for not making her a medicine cat apprentice. Firepaw asks Pinkpelt, her mentor, questions regarding medicine cats and why they would want to be one.

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Quotes Edit

Firekit: "Redpelt, who is my father? All the other kits have fathers that visit them, where is my father?"
Redpelt: "...Your father doesn't and never will know you exist."
Firekit: "...Okay mother."
-Firekit to Redpelt about Snaketail in A Fire's Spark Chapter 2

"I don't understand why cats would want to be medicine cats."
-Firepaw to Pinkpelt in A Fire's Spark Chapter

"She looks like you, she sounds like you...and i'm so proud of you both."
-Snaketail to Redpelt about Firetail in Stars and Darkness Chapter

Kin Edit

Father: Snaketail

Mother: redpelt

Aunt: Applefur

Uncles: Marshkit, Toadfoot, Smokefoot, Blaze

Grandfathers: Blackstar, Burn

Grandmothers: Tallpoppy, Lily

Great-Grandfathers: Flint, Spider, Unknown, Unknown

Great-Grandmothers: Mary Jane, Stargaze, Hollyflower, Unknown

Cousins: Crowfrost, Spiderfoot

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Trivia Edit

  • Firetail's name was originally going to be Rubytail, but Pinkieshy 1012 thought forest cats didn't know what rubies were.
  • Firetail has Loner and Rogue blood, as well as ShadowClan blood.
  • Firetail is one of the cats from the prophecy: "There will be one of each of your kin, sent by the stars, that could control the stars." Firetail has the power of everlasting memory.