"A traitor is no sister of mine. And my Sunstep will forever be my sister."

-Jaytail to Onestar in Stars and Darkness Chapter

Appearance Edit

Jaytail is a tall, sleek, pale gray tom with a gray-blue tail. He has frost blue eyes. He has large ears. His paw-pads are a light red color.

Summarized History Edit

Jaykit was born next to his sister, Sunkit. Jaykit always knew that his sister was smaller and might be more fragile, so he avoided fighting her regardless of her age. Jaykit was most often seen outside the nursery and tried to follow his father, Emberfoot, on hunting patrols.

At his apprentice ceremony, Jaykit stands beside Sunkit to seem taller then the many warriors around highrock, yet Sunkit pushes him away. Jaykit becomes Jaypaw and his mentor is Tornear.

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Quotes Edit

Jaypaw: "Sunpaw! I know why i'm named Jaypaw, I have blue eyes and a blue tail as blue as a jay's wing!"

Sunpaw:"Good for you..."

-Jaypaw trying to cheer up Sunpaw in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter

Jaytail: "Sunpaw, you will be a warrior soon."
Sunpaw: "Be quiet, i'm not the one making a fuss."
-Jaytail and Sunpaw in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter
"I'm proud of you Sunstep. More then you realize."
-Jaytail after Sunstep's warrior ceremony in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter

Kin Edit

Father: Emberfoot

Mother: Suntail

Aunts: Drizzlepaw, Willowclaw, Heathertail, Sedgewhisker

Uncles: Rustlepaw, Flylight, Breezepelt

Sister: Sunstep

Half-Sisters: Fernpaw, Larkwing

Mate: Swallowtail

Kits: Darkpaw, Bluepaw

Grandfathers: Onestar, Sun Back

Grandmothers: Whitetail, Blue

Great-Grandfathers: Stagleap, Crowfur, Unknown, Indigo

Great-Grandmothers: Wrenflight, Larksplash, Mali, White Rose

Cousins: Antpelt, Leaftail,Smokepaw,Brindlepaw

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Trivia Edit

  • Jaytail is one of the cats from the prophecy: "There will be one of each of your kin, sent by the stars, that could control the stars." Jaytail has the power to manipulate normal cats.
  • This means he cannot manipulate Sunstep, Firetail, Crowpelt, and Dawnwing.