"Bye Snaketail, I will always love you and I will think of you until we go to StarClan."
-Redpelt saying goodbye to Snaketail in Sparkled Chapter

Appearance Edit

Redpelt is a light red she-cat with bright red eyes. She has smooth fur. She has tough, black paw-pads.

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Quotes Edit

"Shut up pinky!"
-Redkit to Pinkkit in Storm Chapter
Redpelt: "Pinkpelt! Why are you following me!?"
Pinkpelt: "Why are you going to the ShadowClan border?"
-Redpelt when Pinkpelt is following her in Sparkled Chapter
"I'm sorry Pinkpelt! I didn't mean for this to happen! I should have listened to you!"
-When Redpelt and Pinkpelt find out that Redpelt is expecting Snaketail's kits in Star's Call Chapter

Kin Edit

Father: Burn

Mother: Lily

Uncle: Cloud

Brother: Blaze

Mate: Snaketail

Kit: Firetail

Grandfathers: Flint, Spider

Grandmothers: Mary Jane, Stargaze

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Trivia Edit

  • Pinkieshy 1012 was hesitant to make Redpelt's pelt red.