"Stop treating me like i'm fragile! I'm not!"
-Sunpaw to Jaytail in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter

Appearance Edit

Sunstep is a small, blonde she-cat with light golden paws. She has many nicks in both of her ears. She has scars on her chest, shoulder, side, back, and hind legs. She has amber eyes.

Summarized History Edit

I'll write it later

Quotes Edit

"Come on Jaykit! I want to see the whole camp as fast as possible!"
-Sunkit to Jaykit in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter
Jaypaw: "You'll be an apprentice soon, Sunkit! Then we'll train together, right?
Sunkit: "Yeah, sure."
Jaypaw: "Yay! I'll see you after my hunting patrol okay?"
-Jaypaw and Sunkit in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter
Snowtuft: "Sunpaw, choose your brother or us?"
Sunpaw: "You."
Snowtuft: "That was rather quick! I'm glad that you know where your loyalties lie."
Sunpaw: "uh huh."
-Snowtuft and Sunpaw in Dark Forest in WindClan's Two Paths Chapter

Kin Edit

Father: Emberfoot

Mother: Suntail

Aunts: Drizzlepaw, Willowclaw, Heathertail, Sedgewhisker

Uncles: Rustlepaw, Flylight, Breezepelt

Brother: Jaytail

Half-Sisters: Fernpaw, Larkwing

Mate: Kestrelflight (unofficially)

Grandfathers: Onestar, Sun Back

Grandmothers: Whitetail, Blue

Great-Grandfathers: Stagleap, Crowfur, Unknown, Indigo

Great-Grandmothers: Wrenflight, Larksplash, Mali, White Rose

Cousins: Antpelt, Leaftail,Smokepaw,Brindlepaw

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Trivia Edit

  • Sunstep is a trainee if Dark Forest.
  • She is part of a Dark Forest prophecy: "There will be one cat, who has stepped in the sun, who will lead the darkness into greatness."